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We are one of China's leading manufacturers of high reliability, extended environment interface cards for all major display technologies.

Our markets encompasses but is not limited to:

Medical Monitors and Patient Entertaining Systems

Commercial Aviation displays

Marine / Radar / Aerospace displays

Heavy Industry and Factory Automation displays

Law Enforcement / Emergency Service automotive displays

ATM enclosures and IP54+ Outdoor Kiosks

Digital Signage

Video Walls

We have been supplying customized solutions ranging from basic A/D boards all the way to complete turn-key products inclusive of sheet metal since 2004. We have our own in-house CAD/CAM design team who draft and turn around 3D models / assemblies quickly and to a high level of accuracy. We act as procurement and export agents for several of our long term customers who split their proprietary designs across multiple Chinese manufacturers where we consolidate and organize shipping from Shanghai for assembly in your home country for a modest fee. In our experience this is the safest method of preventing intellectual property leakage.


Please get in touch with us today with your project requirements which we'll review and provide more advice on our specific capabilities.


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