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We have developed, manufactured and also sourced a range of additional quality products to complement our interface boards. These include LED back light drivers, CCFL inverters, PSUs, as well as "add-on" boards including RS-232 cards and IPTV boards amongst others. We specialize in designing and commissioning anti-reflective bonded glass solutions (produced in China) for a wide range of LCD panels. Bonded glass is superior to any AR film and is significantly more efficient (both in cost and power consumption) than a transflective display. Touch panels can be easily integrated into most LCDs with bonded glass. We also often source and supply LCD component panels for customer specific projects when requested. By dealing direct with many of the LCD manufacturers located in China we are usually able to offer the LCD panel at a greatly reduced price than what a lot of distributors and resellers around the World sell them for. Additionally we guarantee quality and grade selection through the provision of an Incoming Inspection Statement (IIS) prior to any transaction.

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