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All our 3D drafting is undertaken in-house by our own team and all file formats are provided to the client. We can also work with your CAD / CAM engineer. We are discreet and creative when adding product descriptions to the title block, and never issue more than one part to the same contract manufacturer. All drawings are vetted by our customers prior to being issued for quotations to 3rd party manufacturers. We've worked on projects previously which have been subject to patent and/or trademark applications and are happy to review your NDA however our track record speaks for itself and we can provide references. We can arrange laser engraving as well as embossing, screen printing and other methods of branding parts from separate suppliers onto individual parts. We have an extensive network of contract manufacturers we use for fasteners, springs, sheetmetal, CNC machined parts and other mechanical components which are high quality and fairly priced. We know which manufacturers are competitive for specific parts, and we are capable of procuring nearly any grade of material along with a number of exotic finishes / coatings.

Reproduced with permission
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