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The Pandtronics brand is wholly owned by Pandachem Co. Ltd. Our company commenced operations in the mid 1990s following the collaboration of a team of electronic engineers with backgrounds working for major European and Japanese TV makers. At this time, large TFT-LCD display panels were just beginning to secure a foothold into the consumer TV market as a result of improved manufacturing efficiency and more affordable pricing and there was a need for quality A/D solutions to run these larger panels. We answered the call.


It takes a unique, reliable and innovative product portfolio to grow in this business as long as we have. We haven't followed the pack and never will. Our A/D interface solutions sport features overlooked by our competitors and we are constantly improving the functionality of our product line based on the latest trends and developments from the LCD market.


Many larger electronics manufacturers reject requests from their customers for customisation of firmware and hardware. We thrive in customising our standard line to suit your particular needs and look forward to working closely with your project engineers to achieve your product goals and outcomes. We back our entire line by an ironclad warranty.

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